Is it really grandma�s secret recipe?

Write a 10 pages essay with the outline I am mentioning below. Gather information about the theme and the movies I am mentioning, and then organize your thoughts.

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10 pages bibliography not included


�Is it really grandma�s secret recipe?�

2. How kitchen has evolved through time?

3. Sources: The movies �The Help,� �Babette�s Feast� and �The Hundred Foot Journey�

Introduction: Describe grandma�s recipe and how amazing it is, and how we really do not know where it comes from.

Body: I will answer the question by explaining how kitchen started just because of need, not even with recipes, only because they needed to feed themselves (Babette�s Feast.) Later, I will explain how the kitchen and some of the recipes comes from slaves (The Help.) Finally, I will end explaining how the kitchen has transformed to a gourmet and extravaganza culture (The Hundred Foot Journey.)

Conclusion: In the conclusion, I would explain that people think that recipe might come from your grandma�s but it really comes from the help.