Businеss Rероrt : Соmрlаin system

1. Identify 20 complains in your office complain system (you work for ministry of environment)
2. Prepare a chec sheet to list the
complaints, tally and summarize frequencies
ii. Draw a Pareto Diagram to array the complaints
iii. ‘Select the top
3 complaints and for each prepare:
a. Cause and Effect (Fishbone) diagram – use the framework of the Fish bone to explain the possible
causes for the arising problems for the each of the top three complaints with the team from the industry/office you work in.
b. Another
Pareto Diagram by complaints by location or time or country (Drill Down Pareto)
iv. Write a narrative for each of the charts,
tables or diagrams you have prepared.
v. Write a conclusion on your understanding of the analysis that you have performed.
iv. Prepare the Final Report (which includes all of the above) using a Business Report Structure.
Business Report Structure