To what extent does neoliberalism mount a successful challenge to structural realism?

• A clear thesis statement in your introduction: “In this paper I argue….” or, “This essay argues that….” The essay is your attempt to support this statement.
• Additionally, the introduction needs to present an overview of your paper where you explain in one brief paragraph the different sections of the paper. Example: “The first section of my paper presents the major points of Waltz’s theoretical framework. The second part of this paper then ….” etc.
• The conclusion needs to restate your argument and highlight the main contributions of your paper

Essays must display evidence of sound and critical thinking.

The development of Female Rhetorical Theory.

The research question (thesis) is:
1. Why have there not been more female rheotricians? Are there historical events that brought on a change?

This research question should enable me to probe the relationship between social/cultural/political forces and the development of rhetorical theory.

This research is supposed to lead me to discover a new or different approach to the topic not to report others’ ideas.

I want you to peruse these two sources in addition to other sources from your own choice:


2. Women in the History of Rhetoric_, edited by Christine Mason Sutherland. University of Calgary Press, 1999

Please include a brief prospectus about potential publication of the paper.

Roles of an Ally\


Be sure to craft a tightly-written thesis statement to focus your essay.
For full credit, make sure to have proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar, and to properly apply in-text APA format (paper formatting and APA in-text citations) when integrating the book readings, web readings, and web videos into your essay.

Do not use outside sources to answer these questions. Again, bring only the book readings, web readings, and web videos from the course (all four weeks) into your essay.
Well-supported papers will incorporate a wide range of course materials.
Be sure to fully answer all parts of the question(s) being asked.
Avoid merely summarizing the information from our course materials in your paper. Instead, provide analysis of how the SOC 350 material specifically supports your response to the exam question.


Based on course readings, what is the role of an ally and why is this important for social changes in regard to inequality? Select one group in the U.S. society (past or present) in which an ally was significant in bringing about change for this group to discuss in detail. Make sure to clearly identify in your answer who the ally was and discuss their actions as related to the group you selected.

TEXTBOOK: Race, Class and Gender in the United
States by Paula Rothenberg. 9th edition

Comparing Ancient Male Rules


Establish a clear thesis about your topic as part of the introductory paragraph (often the thesis is the last thing one determines after doing the basic research and outline; however it will be placed in the first paragraph of your paper).
This is a comparative essay. Comparison approached properly will require some critical thinking on your part. Use a point-by-point approach for the essay. That means, if comparing subject A with subject B, don’t do the first half of the essay on subject A and then the second half on subject B–that will seem like two (2) separate essays and comparisons will tend to get lost. Instead, you should be mentioning both subjects in most of your paragraphs as you compare them throughout the essay. Comparisons will identify similarities as well as contrasts.
Do not try to do everything on your two (2) subjects. You should end up narrowing your focus to a few insights and issues about the subjects being compared. And, from those fairly specific points of comparison, you will develop a thesis and glean some lessons.
Follow closely the instructions below for your specific topic.
Include a concluding paragraph at the end. This paragraph will, in some way, refer back to the thesis established in your first paragraph, since now you have demonstrated and supported it. It may be here that you also include your observations relating your study to the modern workplace or society (see your topic). Try to finish with flair!
Use at least three (3) good quality academic sources, with one (1) source being the class text. Note: Wikipedia and other similar Websites do not qualify as academic resources. You are highly encouraged to use the Resource Center tab at the top of your Blackboard page.
Comparing Ancient Male Rulers. Take any two (2) of these rulers and write an essay comparing them: Ramses II, Shihuangdi, Constantine, Ashoka, Pericles, or Charlemagne. Select rulers from different cultures. You may also propose (for approval or not) a ruler not listed. Avoid lengthy quoting or lengthy close paraphrasing from biographical sources. Make it YOUR comparative analysis. Your paper should:
a) Compare the two (2) rulers in terms of their situation and methods of rule and their apparent ideals and practices, noting similarities and differences. Use specific examples.

b) Consider what your study suggests about the cultures over which they ruled, identifying any similarities and differences between the cultures.

c) From this comparison, suggest lessons about different types of effective leadership in the world of modern business and / or modern politics.


The Discovery of Australia

A defined introduction thesis on why the discovery of Australia was important to England and imperialism.

Also incorporate with primary sources the relations of English discoverers to native inhabitants of Australia.

Why the discovery of Australia was important.

preparation for a Research Paper

You will complete an outline in preparation for a Research Paper. The outline must include a thesis statement, the research question being answered, how much space is going to be allotted to each of the sections of the paper, and a preliminary bibliography of at least 20 sources (including at least 8 that are fewer than 10 years old).
Be mindful that this assignment will be submitted through SafeAssign, so please be original.

Attached is a copy of the annotated bibliography, and grading rubric for the outline you will present. In addition, the overarching theme of the paper is “Biblical Qualifications for Local Church Leadership”. I will not be able to cover every aspect of this topic within 12-15 pages. So I have narrowed it down to a particular qualification, which is, “The Husband of One Wife” (1 Tim 3:2). Your outline should reflect you dealing with the arguments of what the qualification means, and how it should be implemented in our culture today. Based on the attached documents, you must create a thesis statement, the research question being answered, how much space is going to be allotted to each of the sections of the paper(The Breakdown is in the attached document), and a preliminary bibliography of at least 20 sources (including at least 8 that are fewer than 10 years old).Also, I have attached a copy of the final research paper requirements so it will give you some insight on what exactly you are building towards and to also fill you in on what the outline should look like. A full outline is required!!!

‘The Bluest Eye’ by Tonis Morrison depicts many social problems that African Americans faced with

African Americans were faced with many problems after the reconstruction era to WW2. Poverty, injustice in criminal judgement and unemployement were common problems of that time period. All of these social issues are represented in the book The Bluest Eye, specifically in the environment of rural Ohio, where the protagonists grow up.
I will send you the details by using email. There are few more instructions

This paper should be written in 12 point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins on all sides. The page limit is 2 pages.
Evaluate the Style High business plan. Please follow the LoDrag business plan guideline/examples uploaded with my order. This sample is for guidance purpose only. I’ll very much appreciate in depth/detailed analysis on write up.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Include a definitive investment decision from the investor’s standpoint and clear, concise support of that position. This can be a YES I will invest or NO I will not invest answer, with 3 detailed built up points to back up the answer while showing clear and concise support of that position.
Also, assume the reader is familiar with the material, so please there is no reason to repeat business plan case facts. Don’t forget to include a summary/conclusion reasons paragraph of the business plan evaluation at the end of write up.

Statement of Rights


Please review the thesis and outline you provided for order 81518534. I think there was a bit of misunderstanding on that order. Below are the instructions for the paper, and please the references from order 8158534 and more if need be.

The major project here is based on the development of a statement of rights for the fictional island of Tagg. Here are the basic facts concerning Tagg. It will be important throughout this course:

The Island Nation of Tagg is composed of five separate islands in the Pacific Ocean. The islands are located in a circular pattern. All of the islands are within 200 miles of each other. The largest island has a population of 350,000 people. The other four islands have a population of 100,000 people each. Tagg is more than 500 miles from land in all directions. In your Final Project, be sure to address how this Island Nation will organize and govern itself. The government organized under the Constitution of Tagg must provide for the representation and government of all people residing on any of the islands within Tagg.

About three months ago, the islands were visited for the first time by a geological survey ship blown off course by the winds of the Pacific. While at anchorage and while meeting the indigenous population (their language was similar although not as well evolved as other Pacific Islanders), some of the scientists on the ship conducted some preliminary surveys and found the beginnings of oil. The ship’s team convinced the island leader and the Council that it was a good thing to have an official team visit to check for oil deposits. A month later, the next ship arrived with a drill and discovered oil. That discovery brought a wave of folks to the island. The leader is very distraught about how to benefit from the discovery while not changing the wonderful aspects of their society.

You were on the first boat as a guest of the captain. You are a graduate student in a Legal Studies program at Kaplan University. The leader and the Council got to know you and believe that you had a good heart. That was always the guiding principle of decisions of the leader and the Council and the village chiefs who made decisions. You decided to come back on the second boat because you were interested in seeing what happens and you have some concerns about the indigenous people of Tagg.

Throughout this course, you will continue to interact with the people of Tagg and will work to develop a Statement of Rights for the citizens of Tagg. As you begin your work in this course, you should start thinking about which rights are most important. The Statement of rights will be your cumulative project for the course.

Final Project: Statement of Individual Rights

Your Final Project, the Statement of Individual Rights for the Island Nation of Tagg, is due at the end of this unit. The Final Project is to be organized into two parts and must be a comprehensive discussion of political philosophy and individual rights for the citizens of the Island Nation of Tagg. This final submission should incorporate and respond to comments received on the previously submitted draft.

Part One:

The Island Nation of Tagg has a very strong patriarchal tradition of “top-down” management. The Council of Elders and the Leader have been very prescriptive in determining the philosophy of the nation and what values it considers important. The Elders and the Leader nevertheless realize that, given Tagg’s increasingly diverse population, patriarchal control will come to an end and a more pluralistic and democratic society will emerge.

However, the Elders and the Leader are concerned about the influence of values from the outside with the arrival of outside people in connection with the discovery of oil. Given the material you have studied in the course and your own understanding, you need to provide an analysis and Statement of Individual Rights to guide the Island Nation in establishing its legal philosophy for the future.

Write an introductory supporting analysis that discusses the legal and political philosophical principles that should be adhered to by the Nation of Tagg and its political establishment, which reflect a very open process where the values and legal thinking are set through popular determination. The analysis should cover some of the principles you have covered in class like the natural law, and legal positivism, and draw on some of the historical events you have discussed as well. Additionally, examine how one’s perspective toward multiculturalism and diversity impacts might impact the Island Nation of Tagg senario. Remember that the analysis needs to be consistent with the Statement of Individual Rights that you will have identified in the second part of the Final Project.

Part Two:

Revisit the Statement of Individual Rights you created in Unit 2. Consider revising your list based on what you have learned this term. You should include a minimum of five individual rights and no more than ten individual rights. Please make the rights specific. Consider various texts: (U.S. Constitution, EU Constitution, and FDR’s proposed rights.)You should clearly state each right, followed by at least two paragraphs that describe the right and the understanding you have attached to the right.

The aim of the Final Project is designed to bring together the concepts of the historical and philosophical evolution of individual liberties and of justice. Your analytical section should include references to historical and philosophical material that you have read as to individual rights and liberties.

The analysis (Part One) should be 3-5 pages in length. The length of the body of your Statement of Individual Rights (Part Two) will vary based on the number of rights you identify and the support you offer for each, but should probably be an additional 2-3 pages in length. The entire Final Project should be between 5-8 pages, if you identify a minimum of five individual rights.

Assignment 3: Persuasive Paper Part 1: A Problem Exists

Using your thesis statement and research, present the problem that needs to be addressed with your proposed solution. Note: Your solution, advantages, and challenges, will be in Parts 2 and 3.

Write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:

1.Provide an appropriate title and an interesting opening paragraph to appeal to your stated audience (appeal with logic, ethics, or emotion).
2.Include a defensible, relevant thesis statement in the first paragraph. (Revised from Assignment 2)
3.Describe the history and status of the issue and provide an overview of the problem(s) that need to be addressed. This should be one or two (1-2) paragraphs.
4.Explain the first problem (economic, social, political, environmental, complexity, inequity, ethical/moral, etc.) and provide support for your claims. This should be one or two (1-2) paragraphs.
5.Explain the second problem (economic, social, political, environmental, complexity, inequity, ethical/moral, etc.). and provide support for your claims. This should be one or two (1-2) paragraphs.
6.Explain the third problem (economic, social, political, environmental, complexity, inequity, ethical/moral, etc.) and provide support for your claims. This should be one or two (1-2) paragraphs.
7.Provide a concluding paragraph that summarizes the stated problems and promises a solution.
8.Develop a coherently structured paper with an introduction, body, and conclusion.
9.Use effective transitional words, phrases, and sentences throughout the paper.
10.Support claims with at least three (3) quality, relevant references. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.
Your assignment must follow these formatting guidelines:

•Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format.
•Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

Thesis Table of Content

Develop a Table of Contents lists the different sections of the proposed thesis. To expresses the main headings and sub-headings of your thesis, which is based on the problems and solutions of the thesis researched. include a list of textual or website references that you have consulted so far. The Table of Contents page may change as your research develops.(thesis topic is to be uploaded)