Wellness Programs – Does the benefits outweigh the cost?

Wellness Programs – Does the benefits outweigh the cost?

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Human Resources Research Paper:

Paper Format for Research Paper

1. Cover page with project description, your name, date, class name, and professor’s name

2. Table of contents with outline of research paper’s contents

3. Abstract not required for short paper

4. Written content – five pages in length not including cover page or reference page

5. References and document in APA format

6. Use 12-point Ariel, Courier, or Times New Roman font

7. Use double line spacing in your document

8. Include the areas of analysis discussed in the next section

Paper Description for Human Resources Research Paper

1. Select a concise, narrow, and well-defined topic that can be covered in five pages

2. Submit a 1 – 2 page Human Resources Research Proposal in Module 3 which contains the


a. Title of research paper

b. Background Information: A 150-200 word overview of the topic you intend to prove, analyze, or explain

d. List five sources for references to be used in your paper

3. You may choose from any one of the 100’s of topics listed in your textbook but the topic must be narrow and

concise enough to cover in five pages

4. Your research paper must be divided into logical headings and the layout should adhere to the following


a. Title Page – case name, course name, your name, date, and professor’s name

b. Introduction and/or Background (Use one, and/or both in separate headings)

c. Current Situation, Statement of Problem, Issues Addressed (Use one, and/or both in separate headings)

d. Analysis of Issues, Addressing the Problems, Answering the Questions (Use one, and/or both in separate


e. Conclusions and/or Recommendations (Use one, and/or both in separate headings)

f. Reference(s) heading

g. APA Format used for complete document

5. Your research paper must make sound conclusions and/or recommendations based on your research findings

about the topic. Make sure your conclusion or recommendations present something unique or profound in nature

and are not a rehash of information in the textbook.

Pain Threshold

Describe what is meant by pain threshold and the factors that may influence it. Also give an example in a nursing setting or clinical setting about pain threshold with factors influencing it.Cite answers in APA citation


How are healthcare competitive strategies evaluated?
How are healthcare market entry strategies evaluated?

Managing Healthcare Professionals: Mini-Case Studies

Managing Healthcare Professionals: Mini-Case Studies

Respond to each of the scenarios below. Please label your mini-cases. Your response may be in a word document format or in a power point format. Cover all of the issues in each case you and use good writing and presentation techniques and address the issue(s) in detail. Answer in bullet format where possible

1. You are a new administrator at Jonestown Medical Center. You receive a telephone call from the nurse manager of the emergency room. Dr. Smith, an emergency room physician who is an employee of your hospital, has just reported for duty. The nurse manager suspects that Dr. Smith is intoxicated. What do you do? You are the practice manager of Docs R Us, Ltd., a large multi-specialty medical practice employing over 100 physicians. You are conducting a random review of billing for doctors in the practice and you discover that one of the internists in your group who treats mostly Medicare recipients has been checking off the wrong code for her procedures on the billing form. The procedures on the patient record do not match the billing form codes. You pull up her files for the past 3 months and find a pattern of upcoding. When you meet with her to review this miscoding, she becomes very defensive and angry. What do you do?
2.You are the assistant director of the hospital medical staff office at The Rural Outreach Community Hospital in a tiny town in Arkansas. It is your job to verify physician credentials for staff privileges. Your hospital receives an application from a physician for staff privileges. On his application it states that he graduated from medical school in El Salvador. When you call to verify this, you are told that the medical school burned down 2 years ago and all the records were destroyed. What do you do?
This is an exercise in your management abilities and knowledge.
cover each question seperately