Tess of the d’Urbervilles

Tess of the d’Urbervilles
Demonstrate a detailed understanding of the Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the d’Urbervilles.
To what extent does social class operate as a determining factor in Tess of the d’Urbervilles?

Antigon William discussion

 ANTIGONE is structured upon a series of scenes in each of which there is a debate between two or more characters. Also, a chorus not only opens and closes the play but also transitions from one scene to the next. Identify which characters are debating in each scene. Thus: SCENE 1 (Antigone vs. Ismene), SCENE 2 (______vs. ______) and so on. Then in at least two paragraphs discuss the effects that this approach to drama (that is, a series of debates connected with a chorus) has upon you as a reader both emotionally (what does this approach make you feel, and why?) and intellectually (what does this approach make you think, and why?). Be specific

Public Response Assignment

Below are two readings. An article on the demographics of music audiences, and the letter that Louis Armstrong wrote about jazz in the 1960’s. The demographic article discusses the shrinking of the audience for jazz and classical music.

The Audience and the Educator: A Study in Blue, by Kurt Ellenberger – the Huffington Post.

‘Music is ‘life it’self, a letter from Louis Armstrong to an American soldier in Vietnam. 

Assignment: write a 2-page response to the author of the article in the form of a public response to the article, i.e. letter to the editor. You may either agree or disagree with his conclusions, but your letter should either 1) offer a different perspective or 2) offer suggestions to address the problem as you see it.


Do you think the use of a first-person point of view makes you more sympathetic toward Montresor than you would be if this story were told by a third-person narrator? Why or why not?
by Edgar Allan Poe

French literature.

French literature.

 Write a commentary on Beckett’s En attendant Godot, from the beginning of Acte II.

The main text which needs to be used for this essay is the actual book. (En attendant Godot). Not necessary to write the essay in french, but quotes of the books needs to be in french and has to be fluent in french.


Choose ONE of the poems below and write a short, 150-word comment showing how the poet’s use of sound devices contribute to the meaning of the poem. You will find all of these poems on the University of Toronto Library’s Poets Website located at:
1. Thomas Hardy – “Channel Firing”
2. John Keats – “Ode on a Grecian Urn”
3. Wallace Stevens – “A High-Toned Old Christian Woman”
4. William Blake – “The Tyger”
5. Percy Bysshe Shelley – “Ozymandias”
6. Samuel Taylor Coleridge – “Kubla Khan”

Yoshimoto’s portayal of pre war and post war in Japan

Yoshimoto’s portayal of pre war and post war in Japan, through the eyes of Mikage and Eriko.

Use The book Kitchen, by Banana Yoshimoto. Make reference to the reflective statement  on the post war and pre war in Japan and compare it through the eyes of Mikage and Eriko. Bibliography should be on the last page of the essay.


List five words that conjure up strong images 2.Write five sentences containing words that are mentioned rather than used 3.Why would you regard the following passage as a valid criticism or invalid because of an ambiguity? Psychological egoists claim that all people are selfish, never sacrificing their welfare for anyone else’s but always doing what they want to do. However, sometimes what people want to do is to help others. 4.Write two definitions that exemplify each of the mistakes listed: circular, too broad or narrow, metaphorical, and loaded. Explain why each of your definitions is faulty. 5.Write four sound definitions that include each of the definition types: stipulative, reportive, synonym, and example.

The Emergence of Intelligence

In this assignment, analyze “Revenge of the Nerds” for its use of the elements of argument. Avoid writing a simple summary of the content of and/or an opinion piece about the text. What is important to convey is how you identify and discuss the element of argument in the text.

Human Desire and the Spiritual Journey


Write a three-page essay (APA compliant) describing your understanding of spirituality that expresses “the sacred within.” Discuss how the use of solitude, silence, imagination, and nature contribute to a sense of reverence for one’s own spirituality. If you use other sources, please be sure to cite those sources appropriately.
Three (3) pages of body content, plus separate Title page and separate Reference page

*Microsoft Word documents only, submitted as attachments to course Dropbox

*Double-spaced in Times New Roman font & 12-point size

*Margins of 1” inch on all four sides

*Name your documents as follows: RC471_YourLastName_AssignmentTitle
•Separate Title page at beginning of each essay to include name of student, assignment title, course name & number (RC 471), and due date.
•Separate Reference page at conclusion of each essay to document your sources and to support your thesis and analysis. The proper documentation of course textbooks, outside references, newspapers, periodicals, Internet, etc. enhance and support your essay’s position.