Narrative essay

Writing a narrative essay is a game best played by people who enjoy telling stories. It is an essay that recounts events in a chronological and captivating manner. If you cannot be able to get the order of the events right then you are a poor narrator and you are better off not doing it. Continue reading “Narrative essay”

College essay

Any college essay, the subject not withstanding, is likely to be challenging. A college essay is much more than a collection of words on a paper. There are qualities that have to be depicted in the essay and these include depth in arguments, logical flow of ideas in the paper and a proper format. Continue reading “College essay”

Technology essay

A technology essay establishes relations between one technological innovation and another or simply explains the implication of some technology on our day to day life. The goal of many technology essays is to make an attempt at establishing the credibility of a particular form of technology. This will mostly be done with specific regard to its impact on the quality of human life. Continue reading “Technology essay”

Exploratory essay

An exploratory essay is one that is aimed at answering a question(s) about the topic at hand. It is an essay that is meant to teach the reader one or two things about the topic rather than trying to prove to them what the writer knows.  Exploring a topic requires the presentation of both the advantages and disadvantages of whatever it is that your paper is addressing. It is in the nature of an exploratory essay to present the facts as they are without attempting to twist them so that they can fit into your own perspective. Continue reading “Exploratory essay”

Argumentative essay

An argumentative essay presents an argument with either supporting or opposing views. The essay begins with background information on the topic and then the writer makes his position concerning the issue known to the reader. From then on the writer will be seeking to convince the reader that his point of view is the best and by so doing appeal to them to accept his point of view. Continue reading “Argumentative essay”