Critical Reflections on The Implications for Professional Practice

 critical reflections on each of the five modules below which evaluates the current research and scholarship in each area, and which shows evidence of critical reflection on the implications for professional practice. 5 x 1500 words

(1) Educational Leaders or Managers?
(2) Mindfulness in Education
(3) Achievement and disadvantage in contemporary Education
(4) The Issue of Gender in Education
(5) Philosophy with Children

Implementation and Efficacy of Universal Design in Online University Coursework

Implementation and Efficacy of Universal Design in Online University Coursework

Here are the topics that need to be included in your Chapter 1- Introduction to Implementation and Efficacy of Universal Design in Online University Coursework

 (use references where needed):
• Background of the Problem
• Statement of Problem
• Purpose of Study
• Research Questions
• Theoretical Framework
• Assumptions and Limitations
• Definition of Terms
• Significance of Study
• Summary

English Language Learners Classroom Observation Using The Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol

For this assignment, observe, and assess at least one lesson involving ELLs using the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) checklist in Sheltered Content Instruction: Teaching English Learners with Diverse Abilities.

Submit a copy of the checklist with a 250-word reflection on this experience. Address the following questions in your reflection:
1.Were the students aware of the class language and content objectives?
2.How did the teacher instruct the content and language objectives?
3.What type of student group configurations were used? How many different types of student configurations were used?
4.How did the teacher accommodate for different (English Language Programs ) ELP levels?

Learning Analytics Reflection

Learning Analytics Reflection

The purpose of this assignment is to synthesize your learning and thinking and to be able to articulate your thoughts about the significance of learning analytics and big data in assessing and improving learning, as well as prospects and challenges associated with learning analytics in evidence-based learning and design. In this assignment, you are to write a paper that presents your understanding and views on the following:

• What is learning analytics? What is “big data” in education?
• Who are the various audiences with a stake or interest in learning analytics and big
data in education?
o What type(s) of data are these audiences interested in, and why?
• Generally speaking, what is the potential of using learning analytics and big data in assessing and improving learning?
• What are some connections between using alternate learning credentials and learning analytics?
• Generally speaking, what are some of the challenges associated with using learning analytics in education?
• In your opinion, what is the prospect of using learning analytics and big data to assess and improve learning in your organization?
o If your organization is already well on its way to designing and/or using a learning analytics strategy, please describe the process and why you’ve been successful.
o If your organization has not designed or implemented a learning analytics strategy, what has to happen before it can move forward with learning analytics? What are some concrete suggestions for moving your organization forward? Be specific!
Individuals will develop an 8-10 page reflection paper (not including title and references; 12-point font; double-spaced; 1-inch margins; APA format) that addresses the above points.

Reflection Paper Database Searching

Write a 2 page reflection paper your past experiences with database searching. This should include successes and/or failures. Include how the reading and video tutorials have changed your views of databases and how you plan to use them in the future.

Reflection Paper on Academic and Public libraries

Reflection Paper on Academic and Public libraries.

Both academic and public libraries are a great resource. You are required to visit your local public library and write a reflection paper on your visit. During your visit, identify resources available to you. As part of your visit, interview a library staff member about what resources are available to you. This includes books,  databases, tutoring services, government documents, audiobooks, and eBooks.  Also visit the library’s website for more information.
Write a two page reflection paper on your visit, interview of the library staff member, and the resources you learned about.Include in your paper, how often you visit the public library and if this visit will change your library visiting habits. Remember to post reflection paper to discussion board for your classmates to learn about the resources available at public libraries.

Ontario Student Assistance Program and the Low-income Students Pursuit for Post-secondary Education


And here is my personal requirement for the paper.

The Foundation put to public tender a major research contract to evaluate the impact of the access bursaries and to answer the following four questions:
1. Who are the low-income teenagers that decide to pursue PSE and how do they compare to low-income teenagers that decided not to pursue PSE?

2. Does providing more funding in the early years of PSE serve to attract more students from low-income families into PSE?

3. Does providing more funding in the early years of PSE contribute to increased persistence rates among low-income students?

4. Are there regional differences among students from low-income families across Canada?

Education of Philosophy

Set 1 (pick 4 from each set)

1. Examine whether existentialism’s esoteric concepts have a practical role in the contemporary school curriculum.
2. Evaluate the roles of individualism and individual choice in the schools, as advocated by some existentialists.

3. Illustrate how a school curriculum based around ideas of the analytic school would teach critical thinking and language development.

4. Evaluate whether analytic philosophy has practical applications to the curriculum.

5. Examine the existentialism of Maxine Greene as contemporary advocate of this philosophy.

6. Jean Paul Sartre was another major existentialist whose ideas have had a significant impact. What relevance do his ideas (as represented in the text) have for contemporary education in the United States?
Set 2
1. Evaluate whether Marx’s concepts of materialism and class warfare are reflected in some of the issues faced by schools in American today.
2. 2. Give two examples of the Hegelian Dialectic as it might apply to the teaching of critical thinking in a particular area of the school curriculum.
3. 3. Examine the extent to which the No Child Left Behind program could be interpreted as an application of Marxism in American education.
4. 4. Illustrate the similarities and differences between postmodernism and both pragmatism and Marxism.
5. 5. Of the five great stages of historical development that Marx hypothesized, evaluate the proposition that we are presently at the end of stage four, and that we are swiftly transitioning to stage five.
6. 6. Examine the idea that some postmodernists see as the principle aim of education: self- and social empowerment.

compare primary school sector in england and Germany

Compare ONE of the educational sectors in TWO European countries: and i have picked primary schooling sector and European countries I picked Germany and england – Your essay should include social, historical and political perspectives, and examine any relevant ideological influences. It should also examine structures, key issues, current developments, and try to identify key strengths and areas of concern.

And please should be (2000 words) only no more or less
And also remmber to add conclusion at the end .im in uk please remmber when you doin the work

Satisfactory Acadimic Progress Appeal Statement

So i lost my Financial Aid Due to low GPA and not meeting the completion rate. I want statement explaining why. My reasons are mostly Bad friends/ surroundings. Having to work to actually pay for classes and meet other financial needs. Also i picked up a couple legal cases this past year and that affected my studies as well. dealing with all the stress and such. So i moved away to Another city Bloomington,IN to get away from all the distractions and focus mainly on school.