Sample case study

A sample case study serves many functions to a student who intends to write a case study or is already doing so. There are always one or two things that you can learn from a related paper done by a different person. Even though a sample case study might not be taken as a paper that you can rely on fully since there is always a chance that the author was handling an area that is totally different from what you intend to handle, the insights that you will derive from the sample will be useful in many other ways. Continue reading “Sample case study”

Case study analysis

There are many components that a lecturer will be looking for in your case study when assessing it. It is therefore necessary that you familiarize yourself with what an examiner could be looking for when carrying out a case study analysis. This will enable  you pay attention to these specific parts of a case study so as to increase your chances of obtaining an impressive grade on your paper. Continue reading “Case study analysis”

Case study design

A case study can be defined as an intensive analysis of a specified unit. These can be an individual, an event or a group. The main aim of the study is to stress factors of development of that unit in relation to a specified context. Case studies tend to be a common feature of papers written in social sciences as well as the life sciences. Continue reading “Case study design”

Case study

Case studies can be quite involving. This is especially so considering the fact that you have to go out of your way to define the specific locality or company that your study will be based on and then come up with the most appropriate way of collecting the information that you will require. Designing questionnaires is a possibility, so brace yourself for that. Even though it may not be absolutely necessary, there still has to be a way of bringing in the information that you will require in your analysis. Continue reading “Case study”