Business Analytics Smartphone

This assignment requires you to analyse a dataset, interpret the results and then report your findings in a written memorandum to a person with little or no knowledge of statistical data analysis.

The assignment is to be completed individually. The assignment uses the file “Smartphone.xlsx” which can be downloaded from the MIS171 section in Moodle.

You are, a researcher at Consumer Magazine. Your role includes analysing consumer issues related to the latest technology innovations. You are often required to report outcomes of your analysis to senior editors at the magazine who have little or no knowledge of data analysis.Recently, your department purchased a dataset (“Smartphone.xlsx”) from the Australian Bureau of Statistics which contains data on smartphone usage as well as other related data. Lasitha Dharmasena,a senior editor at the magazine, has written to you about this survey. Her memorandum to you is provided on page 3.

Using the dataset recently acquired from the Australian Bureau of Statistics on smartphone usage, please provide me with the answers to the following questions.

1. Please provide me with a summary of Users’ monthly bills.

2. Users can be on a Prepaid or Postpaid plan. Provide a breakdown of monthly bills for each plan type.

3. I understand that most users tend to use their Smartphone to download entertainment content.Please provide a summary of the most frequently download entertainment content.

4. I wish to write about current user satisfaction with their providers.
a. Please advise me on the overall distribution of satisfaction levels. Are users generally satisfied or not?
b. Can you provide me with a summary of user satisfaction for male and female users?
5. Please tell me whether factors such as Number of Calls, SMSs, MMSs and the percentage use of their Smartphone for work influence the monthly bill. Are there any factors that stand out as having a greater influence than other factors?