Old Testament Essay

You will write a 1500–1800-word reflection on one of the three following ethical issues related to the study of the Old Testament.

1) How would you respond to the claim that the Old Testament is misogynistic and demeaning to women?
2) How would you have responded biblically to southern slave-holders who used the Old Testament to justify their practice of slavery?
3) How would you respond to the claim that the Old Testament is not inspired Scripture because it includes commands from God for the Israelites to destroy the Canaanites?

The paper must follow current Turabian guidelines and include analysis of key issues and passages related to the topic you select for your paper. It must be well-researched and carefully argued. A minimum of 6 scholarly sources must be used when writing this paper. Biblical evidence and explanation of key biblical texts is essential. Avoid diatribes against those you might disagree with. Sources that are cited, referenced, and/or quoted must be footnoted, and the paper must be the student’s original work. In light of the length of this paper, avoid lengthy quotations and make sure that the paper stays on-topic. Use headings to mark off the major sections of your paper. A bibliography of sources used must be included.