Government Corruption

• 1500-3000 words (approximately 6-10 pages)
• Proper MLA format
• The paper must engage actively with Ancillary Justice.
• The paper must be adequately sourced using appropriate academic sources. No
paper will be considered adequately sourced without at least three academic
sources, but many issues will require significantly more than that.
• This paper must include quotes and summaries, correctly cited.
• You must develop a clear, arguable thesis and then support that with evidence.
• This paper requires good structure, with a strong introduction, development, and
• This paper should use your best English and be appropriate to an academic
audience. It’s best to keep this one in the academic third person unless it’s
absolutely necessary to deviate from that (briefly).
• The paper must follow all directions and may not plagiarize.

One of the resources must be the novel Ancillary Justice, by Ann Leckie. I need two outside sources other than the novel, and I would like to have the paper focus on the government corruption from the novel. Meaning, the two outside sources would be some reliable articles that express government corruption and the ways in which information is held from the public