Reductions in pregnancy rates in the USA with long-acting reversible contraception:

Write-Up of 2 pages excluding cover/title page.
1. Identify the major components of the article and briefly describe each component of the research study. i.e. thorough analysis of all components identified; hypothesis, methodology, results, discussion and the critique section.
2. Write a critique of the article by discussing how the article relates to your sociological concept or topic of interest and what you have learned as a result of reading this research study

1. Page 1. A title page with your name, course, instructor’s name, and title of the article you are critiquing. (ASA format)

2. Page 2. Title of article and ASA -citation

Write a summary in narrative form about your article, using the questions below as a guide. In other words, DO NOT respond to these questions in a question/answer format.

The following questions will guide you in reading, understanding and writing this section of the assignment.

a. What are the variables or issues of interest in the study?
b. What is the study’s hypothesis?
c. Who specifically were the participants in the study and how were they selected?
d. What research method was used in the study–experimentation or correlation?
e. What did the researcher have the participants do? Explain in some detail.
f. What were the major findings of the research study?
g. Why are these findings relevant to sociology?

3. Page 3. The critique should be approximately two paragraphs and answer the following questions in narrative format:

a. What is the contribution of this research study to the field of sociology?
b. In your opinion, do the research findings support the hypotheses or the research question? Explain.
c. How does this research impact you and the general public?
You will need to use two sources to write this critique analysis. The first source is your textbook. (SOCIOLOGY BY RICHARD T. SCHAEFER). Your textbook will assist you in better understanding your article and writing your critique.

The second source is an article from a peer-reviewed journal published within the last five years that addresses a sociological concept or topic of interest to you. The article you select to write your critique analysis must be data-driven. That is, the research study must incorporate the experimental or correlational research design. Moreover, the article must have the major components of a research study (i.e., An Abstract, introduction, Methodology, Results, and Discussion sections) you must use the ASA Style manual to write your paper. Here’s the format for writing your paper:

1. A title page with the title in the middle of the page
2. Page numbering in the upper right corner beginning with 1 on the title page
3. In-text citations in ASA format (that means the citation follows either the quote or the paraphrase of the information provided)
4. A reference page at the end (called References) in ASA format
D. Template for Your Critique Assignmen