humanity and literature study

This assignment will be divided into 2 parts. Please read amd follow the instruction carefully, Thank you!

Read a graphic novel, NEMESIS.
Total pages: 67

Please also read the attached files I uploaded, they can help you on writing about a graphic novel.

1:: A structure paper [please upload the draft no later than 11/20, 8pm, PST, because I have to review your ideas first to make sure you got the right thing. don’t worry you can just make it shortly like a outline of the paper.)
Instruction for the structure paper:
1, A meaningful title
2, A brief thesis paragraph (your thesis statement is important).
3, List the topic Sentence of Body Paragraphs (please list in each body paragraphs)
4, Conclusion
To ”Sum up”, and state a “SO WHAT” point or “PURPOSE”: To illustrate to the reader that you have thought critically and analytically about this issue.

2: A written paper between 950-1050 words. No more, no fewer (not counting title, citations, footnotes, etc.)
MLA citations.

Essay Prompt
Argue or convince the reader that (and how) an important point is made by NEMESIS that would not be there without it.
Use and refer to specific frames and sequences and refer specifically to the “Alternative Comics” reading. (PLEASE READ THE ATTACHED FILES: “Graphic Novels PARTS OF THE PAGE handout.docx” AND “Alternative Comics- An Emerging Literature- An Art of Tensions.pdf”)
Conclude with how this is or becomes important for the reader.

A meaningful title of the essay is required!!

The graphic novel Special Mission Nemesis facilitates recognition of the Armenian genocide through a visual and textual relationship. Flashbacks, shading and framing techniques bring the tragic history of the Armenian genocide to life through the subjective lens of Soghomon Tehlirian’s experiences, making the genocide relevant to a contemporary readership, and in the process render a story into a sensory experience felt by a reader.

••1 Images have the power to bring narrative to life, and in the process render a story into a sensory experience felt by a reader.

••2 The Genocide is first presented in historical context- but shading and composition are
crucial in setting a tension between historical fact and subjective experience

••3 As Soghomon begins his testimony of the Genocide, the device of flashback intensifies the temporal tension between past and present as his reality slips into the inescapable trauma of the past.

••4 By visualizing Soghomon’s past the viewer melds into his memories, fully experiencing the genocide as if it were happening.

••5 In the graphic novel Special Mission Nemesis the emotional experience of Soghomon’s trauma is illustrated in an emotionally charged way to connect to the reader.
OR .Soghomon is transformed from assassin to national hero.


Panels Frames Gutter Speech bubbles Captions Sound Effects

Panel to panel TRANSITIONS
Slow down an emotional moment
Show an action sequence
Use juxtaposition to create meaning

Close-up, medium-shot, long-shot Tilt-up, tilt-down
Lighting, shading
Focus, lack of focus, clarity
Figure placement and composition
Repetitive motives or positions
Scale and size of figures and objects