analytics Final Paper Requirements

DUE: December 15
Write a paper on the importance of one of the following topics within web analytics in relation to
a company / brand’s integrated marketing strategy. (You may review a brand’s overall strategy or
focus on a specific campaign or effort) The topics can be:
1.Custom Reporting
2.Insights and Analytics
3.A/B Testing
4.Audience Segmenting
5.SEO and SEM (Organic OR PPC)
6.Website Design (UX / UI)
7.Data in Marketing
• Word document – 12pt font, Times New Roman
• Completely thought out – no less than 3 pgs (margins 1 inch)
• Double-Spaced
• An introduction of what you are going to be doing
• An integrated marketing strategy with details on the data and analytics you will
track in each section: email, social, website, app, offline marketing.
o Discuss how frequently you will review your metrics and how specifically you
will track everything
o Website– provide details on how you will bring all your data together and how
frequently you will report data
• Discuss the target audiences for your project and identify research on their digital
habits to track and measure.
o Feature 4 analytics metrics & why they are important to measure.(a metric is a
number, you need to identify the metrics, i.e. how many avg. time on page each
customer stay, # of pageviews, how many time on site, how many pages/visits,
how many visits, etc. There are also many other metrics and please give specific