Planning and Organizing

Planning and Organizing
Study Books Used in Class:
Required Readings
Burrows, P. & MacMilan D. (2011) Larry Page’s Google. Bloomberg Business Week, January 12, 2011, retrieved May 1, 2011 from:
Anonymous (2005). Google’s Grand Ambitions. Bloomberg Business Week, September 5, 2005. retrieved May 2, 2011 from:
Optional Readings
Burrows, P. (2010). Apple Vs Google. Bloomberg Business Week, Jan 14, 2010, retrieved May 15, 2011 from
Answering this question: Please perform a Google SWOT analysis. Then please identify 2 current Google product strategies. Will they succeed (such as the mobile phones and • Analyze the current situation using the SWOT framework. We all know and use Google daily. In this part, turn to strategic planning at Google, . 4 of the 5 references should be from references prior to 2005
a. Environment such as economy trends overall industry
b. Competition (other players and newcomers)
c. Strengths (company strength such as customer base, brand etc)
d. Weaknesses (premium pricing, saturation, etc)
• Given the environment (threats and opportunities) and company (strengths and weaknesses) can Google succeed with the 2 products you selected?
• Make the decision of Yes or No based on results of your analysis.
• Identify facts in the case that match concepts of strategic planning (vision, goals, strategies) and relate them.
• Apply these concepts to facts in the case in order to develop your arguments.
• Format: Introduction; Main Body: SWOT (each item a separate section), Discussion (Yes and how; or No and why); Conclusions social network for example)?