Education Policies

Topic: Education Policies since 1944
Study Books Used in Class:
1/ ATL (2011) The future of state education: how everything you value is disappearing, London: Association of Teachers and Lecturers. Free from

2/ Ainley, P. & Allen, M. (2010) Lost Generation? New strategies for youth and education, London: Continuum.

3/ Ward, S. and Eden, C. (2009) Key Issues in Education Policy, London: Sage.

4/ Tomlinson, S. (Latest edition) Education in a post-welfare society Second Edition, Buckingham: Open University Press. ISBN: 0-335-21753-2.

5/ Crick, B. (1998) Education for citizenship and the teaching of democracy in schools, Final report of the advisory group on Citizenship, London: DfEE/QCA.

6/ Osler, A. & Starkey, H. (2005) Changing Citizenship, Democracy and Inclusion in Education, Buckingham: Open University Press. ISBN: 0-335-21181-X.

Description: Education cannot compensate for society: How much have education policies changed society for the benefit of the majority of English citizens from 1944 to the present and how much have they ensured that nothing changed for them?