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Designing tutorials for high school student. ( Giving tips how to succeed in high school and first year in college English composition class)

Imagine that you are designing a tutorial for instructing future high school students on how (1) to get to college and (2) succeed in freshman composition. Include several how-to tips, with each tip being at least 50 words long. You should introduce the topic in detail and also have a strong, memorable conclusion. Keep the format/style of a tutorial (separate paragraphs for each tip, appropriate sub-headings for separate parts of the task, etc)

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investigating teaching strategies of EFL secondary school teachers


– abstract
amis of the study
research questions:
1-what are reading teaching strategies of EFL secondary school teachers?
2-do reading teaching strategies of EFL secondary school teachers develop reading comprehension ?
limitations of the study

review of the literature
EFL reading comprehension teaching.
EFL / ESL learners’ difficulties in reading comprehension.
strategies of EFL / ESL reading teaching.

methodology: this study uses evidence based research method.

findings and analysis


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Response to Invention on the Adequate Yearly Progress of Secondary Students on Standardized Asssessments

Response to Invention on the Adequate Yearly Progress of Secondary Students on Standardized Asssessments
APA style; include references within the body of the paper

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Fundraising for High School Sports Facilities

Your Final Paper must be ~15-20 pages in length formatted following APA Style guidelines. It must be double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman and include a Title Page and Table of Contents. A running head is not required.

Make sure to follow the content organization you created in your Final Paper Proposal.

It is very important to follow proper APA guidelines for citations and references

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An Evаluаtiоn of the Imрасt Ability grouping of Gifted Students on Sосiаl Sеlf-Cоnсерt and Aсаdеmiс Aсhiеvеmеnt in Secondary Schools

international student and the purpose of this course is to provide students with an opportunity to build on or extend interests developed in their specialist area of education by undertaking a self-directed small-scale individual capstone project, normally in small groups with other students from the same specialisation.
International students or students who are not currently employed in cannot go into a school to do any project work for this course, so are more constrained in what they can do for their project, i.e. the development and /or evaluation of teaching materials or courses, discourse analysis of government policies, or a theoretical piece of research, i.e. an argument to introduce a new approach or methodology into their own context.

Research Report

– A 6-8,000 word report of the project, excluding references and appendices, in a form appropriate to the nature of the study.

– The report should be double-spaced and written in APA style.

– This project does not require formal ethics approval.

– I’ve chosen my topic about evaluation of one of teaching programs and it has been done a project proposal about it, please see it in the attachments.

– My topic is An Evаluаtiоn of the Imрасt Ability grouping of Gifted Students on Sосiаl Sеlf-Cоnсерt and Aсаdеmiс Aсhiеvеmеnt in Secondary Schools

Elements of Research Report in term of words:
Introduction 500 words

Literature review 2500 words

Design and methodology 1000 words

Findings 1000 words

Analysis and discussion 2000 words

Conclusion 500 words

To assist you to undertake a qualitative meta-analysis, I have uploaded a few different studies which named (Hoon 2013, Paterson et al. 2009, Sandelowski and Scruggs 2007). When you are pursuing this methodology, please read through these very carefully and make sure you are actually conducting a meta-analysis, not a literature review!
You should know that many writers or students choose to conduct meta-analysis, but they struggle to do it very well. It is critical that you are rigorous and understand that this is not just another literature review.
Please find the attached files of a project proposal, Some articles on qualitative meta-analysis and some required references (PDFs).
Please make sure to do this project in high quality in (a PHD level) as it has full mark 100%.


Understanding of the question or issue and the key concepts involved
• understanding of the task and its relationship to relevant areas of theory, research and practice
• clarity and significance of the problem or question and related concepts
Depth of analysis and/or critique in response to the task
• way(s) approaches adapted to the questions posed, including use of relevant ethical protocols
• understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the method(s) for data collection and/or analysis in relation to the context and key questions.
• credibility and depth of analysis and interpretation.
Familiarity with and relevance of professional and/or research literature used to support response
• selection and range of key references in the area of the proposed study
• use of the relevant literature (both theoretical and methodological) to support the analysis and investigation of the key problem/issue
Structure and organisation or response
• appropriateness of overall structure of response
• clarity and coherence of organization.

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Topic: Phamcology
Its one calculation question + two short answers
please read the question carefully

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Impact of External Influences on Health Care Organizations

Impact of External Influences on Health Care Organizations


Paper instructions:
The Three Tasks of Response One

1. You and fast food: Provide an estimate of how often you grab breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner from a fast food restaurant and why you do so. For example, are you really busy and there’s no time to go home? Alternatively, if you don’t eat out often, tell your readers why.

2. “In Gorging, Truth” (by Jason Fagone): Consider Fagone’s choice of title for his work and identify three connections between “In Gorging, Truth” and the content of his short essay. You may arrange this response in a way that makes sense for your analysis (a list, narrative paragraph, etc).

3. “The Wages of Sin” (by Francine Prose). Both Prose and Fagone address the issue of overeating in different ways. Write a paragraph in which you compare and contrast at least one way each writer uses the idea of overeating as a means to talk about larger cultural issues.

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Proponents of colonization anywhere usually cite the fact that the colonizer in the end bequeaths to the colonized cultural, political and economic development as a means of validating colonization. However, colonization rarely brings about any development that would otherwise not have been realized even without colonization. It is possible for a superior country to engage in meaningful cultural, economic and political exchanges with a relatively less powerful country without necessarily colonizing the inferior country.

In all instances where a more powerful nation colonizes the less powerful one – as was the case with the British colonization of the American colonies – the intention is usually for the powerful country to benefit at the expense of the ‘lesser’ country. Therefore, on this strength only, colonization should not be justifiable. When Britain colonized the American colonies, some of the supposed benefits for the colonies were increased security under the protection of the British Empire, and a ready market in Britain and Europe for American products such as tea (Allen, 2011, p.60) . However, Britain stood to benefit more from these engagements, and the Americans were taxed exorbitant amounts without even being given a say on the taxation mechanisms decreed from across the Atlantic (Allen, 2011, p.61). Additionally, such economic and military relations between the American colonies and the British Empire could still have been realized without Britain playing boss over America. In the end, the American colonies had to fight the British Empire in the Revolutionary War, leading to unnecessary loss of lives and property to both sides.

Colonization in the end bears no fruit because in all cases, the colonized organize some form of revolution or insurrection against the colonizer. Revolutionary wars lead to unnecessary loss of lives and property. The American Revolutionary war lasted for nearly eight years, leading to loss of lives, property, infrastructure and monuments within the American nation. Britain too suffered. Such a war could have been avoided had the British sought to engage with the Americans on a mutually beneficial basis without the strict dictatorial provisions of colonialism and imperialism.

The downsides to colonialism far outweigh any supposed benefits that might be accrued or placed on the colonized. It is much better for a powerful country to engage less powerful ones in a fair, just and progressive manner for the lasting benefit of both parties.

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High school book reports

High school book reports are no different from any other book report that a student at an advanced level may write. The obvious difference could be attributed to the content of the papers. High school book reports will handle the concepts that are less complex compared to those handled by the book reports done by students in colleges and above.

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