Impact of External Influences on Health Care Organizations

Impact of External Influences on Health Care Organizations


Paper instructions:
The Three Tasks of Response One

1. You and fast food: Provide an estimate of how often you grab breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner from a fast food restaurant and why you do so. For example, are you really busy and there’s no time to go home? Alternatively, if you don’t eat out often, tell your readers why.

2. “In Gorging, Truth” (by Jason Fagone): Consider Fagone’s choice of title for his work and identify three connections between “In Gorging, Truth” and the content of his short essay. You may arrange this response in a way that makes sense for your analysis (a list, narrative paragraph, etc).

3. “The Wages of Sin” (by Francine Prose). Both Prose and Fagone address the issue of overeating in different ways. Write a paragraph in which you compare and contrast at least one way each writer uses the idea of overeating as a means to talk about larger cultural issues.

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