Revolutionizing the Retail Sector

Revolutionizing the Retail Sector

Order type: Case Study

The Digipos ( Website states, “ design, develop and manufacture range of systems that are engineered to meet the challenging and constantly changing demands of a retail environment. Using the latest technologies, deliver positive, cost-effective solutions in compact, high performance, reliable, and energy saving technologies. Our systems are used by leading retailers around the world.” In 2004, DigiPos launched the DigiPos Retail Blade system, which was the first electronic point of sale (EpoS) system to use blade technology. Go to Intel’s Website and read “Revolutionizing the Retail Sector”, located at

Write a four to five page paper in which :
1. Examine and assess the main computing problems Digipos faced with regard to system upgrades.
2. Evaluate the solutions that Digipos used to resolve the problem.

3. Compare and contrast the Quantum Blade to the Retail Blade system in terms of computer architecture and system performance.

4. Evaluate the methods that are outlined in the study to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).



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