How molecular properties will determine drug stability.

How molecular properties will determine drug stability.
Study Books Used in Class:
“Foye’s principles of medicinal chemistry” Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Description: Dug stability project description:
How molecular properties will determine drug stability.

You should write about the drug stability of ALL of the following 5 drugs:

– Fluoxetine
– Bupropion
– Amitriptyline
– Phenelzine
– Venlafaxine
– Carbamazeine

Drug stability involves
* quantitative drug degradation (oxidation, stability of free radicals, ageing, hydrolysis)
* quantitative kinetics (reaction rate, reaction order, half-life, shelf-life, temperature dependence)
* to correlate between the effect of molecular properties on bioavailability, pharmacological activity and stability of drugs and medicines

You should:
• Create a table with the structural formula of your 5 drugs.
• Identify functional groups of your drugs which are theoretically susceptible for hydrolysis, oxidation & reduction.
• Give evidence at molecular level why the identified functional groups are susceptible for degradation.
• Predict the products of deterioration or decomposition of your drugs.
• Explain what kind of precautions should be employed to minimize or prevent the degradation of your 6 drugs due to hydrolysis oxidation/reduction
• Find evidence in the literature if there is any to support your statements..
• Write a summary of 1500 words of your findings.
• Make a bibliography of your citing.

Format of the written project has to follow the pattern below
Title – Author’s name- Institute
Evaluation of drug stability (~ 5 pages)
(Data collection (research), Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluation of findings)