Democratic Role and Responsibility Report

Democratic Role and Responsibility Report
Study Books Used in Class:
Jonathan Kozol, Amazing Grace: The lives of children and the conscience of a nation. Harper Perennial Publisher, Reprint edition. 1996. ISBN #: 0060976977
Democratic Role and Responsibility Report. Write a 5-6 page Democratic Role and Responsibility Report. All writing assignments for this class should be in 12 point/standard font size, double-spaced, with one inch margins on the top, bottom and sides of each page. Be sure your name, date and course name and number are on each page of the report. Your report must be well-written, spell-checked, with zero typos, proper grammar, complete sentences, proper citations and quoted material. You are expected to carefully edit your writing to insure what you have written not only meets all of these expectations but to be sure your writing makes sense and is readable. Always ask someone else to edit your work. Draw only on the required reading and course content for this assignment including the Founding Documents. You are not expected to use outside sources for this assignment. Do not exceed the six page limit (your source page should be included within the six pages.)

To receive full credit for this assignment, you must address each of the following questions in a format using the following clearly delineated sections for your report:

Who/what bears responsibility for the situations of the children in the South Bronx that Kozol described?
What is your basis for designating such/any/no responsibility?
What might be some consequences of inaction and who might bear them?
What (if any) is your role as a citizen in a free society, as well as a professional in a democracy, to young citizens and others similarly situated, and the basis for your determination?

Your Democratic Role and Responsibility Report will be graded using the following criteria:

All of the questions above were sufficiently addressed in clearly delineated sections.
Quality of writing as outlined above.
Critical thinking. Did the student provide sufficient analysis in their answers? Did they offer original ideas?
Questioning of assumptions. Is there evidence that the student questioned their own assumptions concerning the assignment and materials?