Thesis statement

The thesis statement expresses the intention of the writer right from the beginning of the writing exercise. It can be defined as a statement of intent which explains in very precise terms what the paper is all about. It also acts as a point of reference throughout the process of writing the paper.

Many assignments that students are required to do, from essays to dissertations and anything in between must provide a thesis statement to the reader. It is conventional to have the statement in the first paragraph though the rule is not cast in stone; the statement can be placed anywhere else in the paper but certainly not at the end of it. All that the writer will be doing is justifying the thesis statement and therefore it will make no sense if the statement comes at the end of the paper.

A good thesis statement has to show the main argument in the paper and then provide a brief explanation on the background of the topic that is being studied. This way the reader will get on with the rest of the paper in full knowledge of what exactly the writer is driving at. It becomes very easy for the reader to analyze and even critique the paper if need be.

Considering the importance of the thesis statement to any paper that students write, the writers at our company have been trained to get this important aspect of the paper right first before they can proceed with the writing. The writing of all the papers that we do begins with the thesis statement unless stated otherwise. We take our time to assess the suitability of the thesis statement that is finally arrived at before the writing begins. We believe that a thesis statement can only be good for your paper if it is representative enough of what you intend to write in the paper. Try our service today.