Population Issues & Migration

How have anthropologists attempted to understand so-called “ethnic violence”? Consider historical examples of “ethnic violence”, “ethnic cleansing” or genocide. To what extent is this sort of violence the product of deep cultural differences? Are there other factors that need to be taken into account? How is ethnic violence bound up with the policies and constructions of nation-states

Appadurai, A., 1998. Dead Certainty: Ethnic Violence in the Era of Globalization. Public Culture, 10(2), 225-247.
T. Cushman, ?Anthropology and genocide in the Balkans: An analysis of conceptual practices of power,? Anthropological Theory 4, no. 1 (2004): 5.
Jack David Eller, From Culture to Ethnicity to Conflict, University of Michigan Press, 1999.
Alexander Laban Hinton.,. Annihilating difference, 2002 (various chapters. Nagenast chapter is available on eReserve)

The key criteria for grading are as follows:  Demonstrated critical reflection on the subject matter, that is, the ability not only to present the material but also to reflect upon it and evaluate it.
This essay should be presented in traditional essay format and must include full reference list. The essay should also include a clear statement of the question being addressed.




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