Family Nursing Interventions

Literature review:

Taking into consideration of the family’s situation (I explained the family’s situation below) conduct a systematic search of recent research literature, within the last 10 years, “to identify additional nursing interventions you could have implemented to assist the family. ”

For example, if the family was dealing with a new diagnosis of lung cancer or recurrent hospitalization for long term chronic illness such as COPD or diabetes, “what other nursing interventions have these families reported to be helpful. ”

Use at least 8 references (within the last 10 years), four of which need to be nursing research based references to support additional nursing intervention. Follow APA style!

Family situation:

Mike is 55 years old who had been working as a mill writer before his accident about three months ago. He fell down from a height and he became quadriplegic. He ended up in a hospital for a while and then a rehabilitation centre (where I met). He has been staying at the rehab about one month and probably stays there for another four to five months.

He does not have any sensation and motor functions at the both of legs, lost bowel and urinary function so he gets bowel care every second day and has intermittent catheter to empty his bladder. He can slightly bend his elbow but that is all he capable of doing currently. He is still in a lot pain around his shoulder areas. He needs to be turned every 3 to 4 hours to prevent developing any skin ulcer. He needs to be feed and to be transferred by a lift from his bed to a wheel chair. Basically he requires total care.
After receiving long term rehabilitation, he might be able to drive an automatic wheel chair and might be able to feed himself.

He has been married over 30 years and has two children. His daughter is married and has two young kids who are 3 and 5 years old. His son is also married and has a teaching degree. In two months, he is moving to Korea to teach English with his wife who also has a teaching degree. His wife is comes to visit him every day and stays with him until supper time. She often brings supper for him and feeds him. They appear to have a strong bond and health relationship. His family visits him often.

In his family, no one has a spinal cord injury and he does not anybody who has spinal cord injury. So everything is new to him and his family. They need a lot of adjustments and supports and resources.

I will provide two articles that might be helpful to you to have some ideas about how Spinal cord injury patients and their family member deal with after injuries.





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