Bush School Report

Bush School Report
Study Books Used in Class:
Must use some class books/readings
Harrison, N. (2011). Teaching and Learning in Aboriginal Education. (2nd Ed). Victoria: Oxford University Press.



Craven, R. 1999. Teaching Aboriginal Studies. Allen and Unwin: St Lenards, NSW. pp 43 -62 &. pp 63 – 100. New edition 68 -89 & 90 -109 (attach doc)
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Description: Report: Students are required to complete a report using the Bush School DVD

The report has 2 parts (A- B) with an overall word limit of 1500 words. Students are expected to answer each of the 2 parts – using a minimum of 8 references including relevant iLectures
Part A).
Discuss how the Bush School is an example of best-practice in Indigenous Education, applying knowledge of the weekly unit topics and citing specific examples from course learning material. (750 words)
Part B). Demonstrate how you will apply learning from the Bush School experience in your future classroom teaching. Select and describe appropriate teaching strategies and resources, including a detailed diagram of the classroom set up. Consider how you will engage parents and communities demonstrating ATR in education. (750 words)
Must use some class books/readings

Report planning
? Read the attached instructions & rubric carefully – identifying key words and make sure you know what’s really being asked
? Determine the level of detail required
? Determine the length of report and therefore what can be covered in that length
? Make sure that the information you gather is appropriate within the context of this unit

I have attached weekly journal entries that will give you an idea of the content that has been covered in class. This will also give you further references if needed.