Impact of 3D animation on all forms of animation.

Please note that while this is a research paper and needs to meet the goals and expectations of graduate level writing, I also do not want it to be written in verbiage or tome that may be considered overly “high brow”. That’s not who I am, not how I would write. I also work in the industry I’m referencing (3D Animation) so, I will want it to have the feeling of someone who is both knowledgable and engaged in the subject matter.

The paper is to address, clearly communicate and provide reference supporting the following…

“Despite the seemingly negative impact CGI has had on “traditional” forms of animation, it’s rise is ultimately responsible for the continual success of all forms of animation.”

Other information for the paper is as follows…

It’s a research paper, so you must state supported facts from a reliable source like, or or the books Of Mice and Magic or any from the book list on the Reference section of the class home page (or any other book). If your information is from the internet double check by finding another source that supports the facts. Since there’s no editor, anyone can post misinformation.

There should be support information in books, magazines, DVD extras and the internet.

You must have at least one [THIS STATES ONLY ONE IS REQUIRED, BUT I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE AT LEAST 2-3, IF POSSIBLE] non-electronic print source, like a book or magazine (in the past I’ve gotten almost nothing but web sites for sources).
Also you must come to some conclusion, and use your research information and examples from films to support your conclusion.

The paper must be at least 1500 words and no more than 2,500 words.

Keep track of where your information comes from, and write down the sources in a bibliography at the end of your paper.

I’m happy to provide more information or context if needed.