Dangers of Technology

Answer the following questions:

1. Find a case involving social engineering. Be sure to explain the case. In this day and age do you believe people still become a victim of social engineering?

2. Identify and describe four types of countermeasures that can be used to enhance computer security.

3. What is cyberstalking? Research the Megan Meier case. Do you agree with the ruling? Do you think that they should have used the below laws to prosecute Drew?
• At the time of the Megan Meier suicide, the state of Missouri had the below laws:
o SB 0758 – Revises Law Relating to Computer Crimes
o 565.090 – Includes reference to communications by any means in crime of harassment.
o 565.225 – Revises definition of “credible threat” relating to crime of stalking to include certain written, electronic or telephonic communications, or certain postings of a site or message.
o SB 0070 and SB 255 – Prohibits certain fraudulent use of the Internet effective August 28, 2001
o SCS/SBs 70 & 255 – This act prohibits a person from operating an Internet website which causes another person’s computer to dial a telephone number for which a charge is assessed without the other person’s consent. A violation is a Class A misdemeanor unless the long distance charges exceed five hundred dollars, in which case the violation is a Class C felony. The act provides for venue where the victim resides or where the crime occurred. This portion of the act is similar to SB 70.

4. Can you become a victim of cyberstalking without using technology?