Group project

Group size: 3-4 members • 400 words and 2 citations per group member.
Analysis in the Class: 30th September 2015
Please Install Student Version SPSS in your laptop by 28th September 2015 and bring your SPSS installed laptop in the class on 30th September 2015 for data analysis in the class.
• Group Project Title: Host Country Nationals Characteristics and Willingness to help Expatriates at Workplace • Questionnaire: Please use the questionnaire uploaded for you.
• Objectives of the Study: To develop a profile of the host country nationals characteristics and willingness to help expatriates at workplace To find out significant differences, if any, between male and female host country nations characteristics and willingness to help expatriates at workplace
• Design of the Study: Sample size = 40 UAE nationals Organization = 2 governmental organizations in the UAE Page 2 of 3
• Statistics to be used : Arithmetic Mean and Standard Deviation Student T-Test
• The group has to submit MS Word report (11 font size Times Roman, 10-12 page), PPT Presentations in soft by 7 th October
• Structure of Group Report and Presentation: Introduction Literature Review Methodology Results and Discussion Conclusions Implications and Limitations of the Study References Note: The Introduction and Literature Review sections together should have minimum 10 citations and these citations should find mention in the Reference section.