Cultural presentation(counseling immigrants and refugees by david sue

please please help me as much as you can and follow what i need correctly:

1- my order is
—–(Cultural presentation over chapter or part of a chapter from the Sue and Sue book with additional information gathered from “face to face” interaction- which could be an interview, being in the context, etc.
The purpose of this experience is to give you an opportunity to learn about a population you have little knowledge about and then share your what you learned with the class.
The rubric to consider is below
1. Present reading on Sue and Sue
2. Two additional resources (1st person narrative, web links, interviews, etc.)
3. Two to three discussion questions and/or activities for the class

2- i will send to you the part i have to present it to class (462-465p)
(cultural and Acculturation conflicts to Linguistic and communication issues with imlications)
3- you have to summurize all that and post it to (Kristen Earl’s email) by going to ( password alsalehlolo)

4-think of the activity maybe i can do it in the claass. the activity will focus on barriers -simple activity please and notice i am an international from Saudi arabia and i speak Arabic so i will ask classmates to do this activity and i will use my language if that is help

5-think of two- three questions I can discuss that with students at the end

6-please please do not let me down i will trust you to do it as soon as bossible before Saturday or on Saturday ( i know i chose 10 days but the price so much and when you finish what i need exactlly i will send 4 orders to you next week the same thing else

7- lovely writer please summrize the pages i will send to you and post it to the site

do not post the activity and questions there but send them on decoment or file
8-the last thing i need one paper and a half about the part you will summrize because i have to present what will do to class