Social science

This paper should be done in two parts! For the questions 1-6, write in a paragraph form for each and you do not to write in an essay form.
The second part should be a 3 page essay and well organized with thesis statements and scholarly site for the information.

1. What are the national or ethnic backgrounds of the main refugee groups arriving in the ‘greater Seattle metropolitan region’ (this includes suburbs outside the city of Seattle) most recently, and which parts of this region are they resettled?
2. What does the term “mixed migrations flow” means, and how would it apply to the categories of people attempting to flee Libya at this time?
3. What is “diasporic cultural capital”? State one example from the Somalia or Bosnian diaspora.
4. What does “agency” mean with respect to Bosnian refugees? Be specific in your answer.
5. How are Somali refugees in Dadaab camps transitional? State one example to support your answer.
6. Are there any “Lost Girls of Sudan”? if not, why not? If yes, how is their situation both different from and similar to the “Lost Boys”?

This part is essay! 3 pages!

• During the Yugoslav Wars of succession from 1991-1995, some forcibly displaced Bosnians went to Italy and some went to the Netherlands, among other locations like Germany and United States, etc. To what extent were their decisions about where to go ruled by choice or force, or a creative negotiation of both? Which location, Rome or Amsterdam, in your view, offered the best possibility of regaining “some sense of normality in their lives,” and why? (Please search online about the work of Maja Korac’s book and the summary of her book “making home, the reconstructing life, place and identity in Rome and Amsterdam”) (Korac Ch. 3) explains your answer with specific examples and references from (a) also the film “We Are All Neighbors” about Bosnia




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