final essay- interview two people a generation apart

You must interview two people a generation apart (15yrs min) and your research subjects must be outside of your own (either) race, class or gender. It’s up to you to construct a good qualitative interview/set of questions. The objective here is to find out a little bit about their background/lived experiences. You must include probing questions that reveal facts about their sexual pracitces/behavior/orientation and gender identity (race, class, religious identity, –are also welcome). Did they sometimes possess characteristics of an insider/outsider? For example, if you’re interviewing a self-identifying ‘queer Chicana’ – were they accepted in their community as Chicana but simultaneously rejected because of their queer identity—if so, how did they negotiate the complexities of their sexual identity within their community? —Open ended questions are sometimes a good way to go as it gives the interviewee freedom to voice and identify certain aspects of their own experiences that you might not have considered or that they feel/deem important to discuss or highlight. Most importantly – you need to adhere to ethics while interviewing at ALL TIMES– and let your interviewee know that they don’t have to answer any questions that they’re not comfortable answering in order to ensure a safe and respectful space (during the interview). From a generational perspective – how might these sexual experiences be the same or differ? It will be a comparative paper – but it’s also a good opportunity to connect with these interviewees and also exercise your qualitative research skills.
(need at least 6 literary sources)