The impact of Technology on social life

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The world has transformed at a great speed after the invention of computers. Technology has made the once large and almost impossible to travel across world a global village where people can share information at the click of a button. This has facilitated finalization of deals and online business deals from the comfort of ones office, home or country. Along with this technology have come a lot of other things like Facebook, Twitter, Badoo, MySpace and many more chat sites.

However, the use of internet to conduct business and check on friends has exposed yet another problem in the human race which needs to be dealt with immediately. Apart from the usual suspects of human trafficking and spread of sexual materials over the World Wide Web, social life will soon be a thing of the past. Internet availability at homes and offices as well as most transactions being carried online means that interactions have reduced tremendously. Nowadays children can even take their studies online meaning they will miss the aspect of growing up among other kids.

People have lost work because one computer can effectively carry out several peoples work. It only needs one person competent enough to handle it and the rest will be rendered jobless. And so many other things which affect the social life positively and negatively have happened due to technology

The issue of technology has been addressed again and again by different scholars, but its daily advancement leaves a room for further studies. I chose the topic because apart from bringing out the positive and the negative about technology, it will also be a forum to look at what can be done to avoid some of those problems. It always interests me to see great minds coming together on a very personalized form of media in the name of internet to share ideas. The internet has replaced tedious research, as well as what has come to be termed as ‘snow-mail’ nowadays. Governments have continued to face increase pressure to embrace technology and still keep their people at work. It is a challenge because with every technology that comes abroad, two or more people are replaced. This topic will therefore offer some information on how the governments can balance technology and the creation of jobs in their countries. It will also address the loopholes that have been brought about by the use of technology.

The fact that most people now own mobile phones and those cells have got internet validates the claim that technology is crosscutting. From children to the old, there is a common understanding of what technology is but a difference in understanding its use. The children and the youth might use it to download and play games, watch pornography, writing research papers and watching movies; the old will use the same internet to conduct businesses and catch up with their friends from distant places. For the purpose of this study, I will mostly target the young adults as they are the people who largely consume technology related services. They are in school or are working and as much as they do their homework and assignments respectively, they also engage in activities like blogging and social network sites.

I am one-hundred percent positive about the technological advancements we have witnessed in our globe at this era. I have come to like the way things have been simplified and some even done perfectly. The privacy which has come along sending emails and receiving documents from friends has made it easy to effectively handle and conduct businesses online. However, if the use of technology is not put under checks, many more vices are about to come up and spoil its otherwise good intended purpose. It’s a great medium which can be used in fighting crime, creating jobs as well as give news at the click of a button. I therefore maintain that as much as this technology is helping people in many ways, it should not just be made available without censoring sites which are regarded harmful by the society.

Preliminary thesis

The growth of technology is radically changing the way people interact in the world today. Currently many businesses have taken online with others retrenching their workforce as they move to embrace the newest technologies. It may be due to the ineffectiveness of the workers that they are fired; however, one computer that can serve many purposes has replaced over twenty very effective employees. Despite protests that technology has also a bad side by the humanitarian groups and individuals alike, its increasing accessibility and use is now a worry. It may create zombies out of the once interactive creatures known as human beings leading to an each man for himself society. At this point, those who will not have access to technology will be like aliens suffering in unfamiliar territories.