Relationships with other people are a must for human beings who are social beings. Self-acceptance precipitates effective communication with others and consequently good relationships with other people. To achieve the goals I have in life I will have to interact with people some of whom we have shared goals. Self-understanding is vital in maintaining such relationships. Critical self-awareness helped me establish my weaknesses and how to react to them accordingly. It also enabled me to establish my strengths and how I can use them to mould my weaknesses. Nobody is perfect and the areas one is weaker in could be the areas another finds strength from.

People are from diverse backgrounds and consequently they may be difficult to deal with. Being patient with other people would help me to better appreciate their viewpoints or ideologies. Different cultural backgrounds translate to diversity in reasoning, perspectives and ideologies. Patience with others also creates room for lesser conflicts with people and this contains emotional balance. It is important to appreciate that people are different, with diverse views or ideologies and will hence argue differently. This knowledge will help me appreciate other peoples’ views without finding them too vague or feeling skeptical (John Hayes 2002).

The least surprising thing I learnt is that I have no control over my environment and I have to adapt to suit in it. My weakness forms a part of me and I cannot do away with it. Everyday is a new day with new experiences to help mould my personality. Interactions with other people will enable me to improve on my skills, knowledge and talent and will therefore be a plus to my strengths.

Self-disclosure or openness is an appropriate measure in maintaining and developing relationships. Self-disclosure will encourage ones approachableness, as people will not be scared away. Care should however be taken to ensure that openness or self-disclosure is not beyond the limits or out to reach. Opening up extremely would work to scare people away while little or no disclosure may hinder effective interaction with other people who may be beneficial in developing my strengths.

Trustworthiness is another important value that should be adapted. Developing and maintaining trust will tighten the bond or rather improve my relationship with other people. Effective interactions or relationships will enable me to gain from others. People are more willing to disclose their ideas, thoughts, feelings and reactions to those they trust. I can learn more from other people’s thoughts, feelings and reactions if I initiate and maintain trust. Effective communication is very crucial in maintaining relationships. It is through communication that one learns of new ideas, concepts and other people’s feelings.

Communication allows me to develop by learning from other people’s weaknesses and strengths. One can improve on the weaknesses as they exploit their strengths. Being direct also entails effective communication where one does not have to beat around the bush when passing across information. Again, it enables one to attain appropriate knowledge and hence react accordingly. For instance, one can learn of his/her weaknesses through the people one interacts with (Johnson, D.W., 2003).

The most surprising thing I learnt from the self-awareness exercise was that being critical to detail and keen is very important as it works to overcome biases that may arise from quick judgments. I can learn more by being critical to my surrounding and being keen to learn. I can be able to understand other people better and hence improve our relationship. Communication is better when I understand others well.  Being critical will enable me to focus on my strengths and this will help me maximize on my positive personality. I will be selective in choosing what is worth more attention and hence beneficial to my progress and what should get less attention. (Johnson, D.W., 2003)

Being keen will enable me to learn fast and overlook my weaknesses to acquire those things that will add value to my work and education. Adapting to new environments would be easier if I am keen and critical. I will be able to better understand others and be more accommodative thus developing my skills, talents and intelligence through the interactions. Flexibility is also crucial in adapting to new situations as they arise. I can better adjust to fit into new environments and by being keen and critical, I will be able to learn and improve on my talents. Flexibility will enable me interact well in the job place and in school.



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