Child Psychology

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Child psychology is the study of mental, social and emotional growth of a child. Majorly it is checking on mind behavior.  It keeps a check on emotional changes, social developments, mental abilities and growth as well as the child’s physical growth. Child psychology is from infantry to adolescence. Therefore, one can say that child psychology is also learning about the various changes and development of a child’s mind. People perceive that children as beings that are not fully in a position to reason as they do or learn things, well that is not the case according to (Alison, 2010, p.76-81) Children are in a position to learn and analyze different situation in their development stages. Development is not only restricted to the factors within but also the factors without a given individual. For instance, the environment that one lives in terms of culture and the relationships.

The social aspect of it entails the relationship between peers and the mature adults. This automatically affects how the child will learn, interpret issues as well as develop. A child will also adapt to the given cultural values subject to him.

Psychology is majorly learned other than inherited. A child adapts and takes up characteristics that he/she is exposed to. For instance if  a child watches his/ her mother cry a lot during any form of distress the child automatically adapts to that as a way of releasing emotional distress. One may easily mistake this for inheritance but the child only adapted to what he/she has mostly been exposed to. Experiences also considerably add up to a child’s psychology. If the child is often subjected to bad experiences, he is bound to view the world in a negative dimension.

Based on my personal personality, I believe that the composition of my personality for instance I have a big heart, I wouldn’t say I inherited this but rather say I simply followed after  my mother. I have watched her have a big heart towards people and have learnt that as the right way to treat people. Sometimes I get hyper, something I learnt and adapted to as my father most of the times resulted to being hyper if offended. In all the two examples, I learn that most of the times it is the situations that we are exposed to that moulds our character hence our personality.

Medical tests are done further to provide valuable information about ones health status. A genetics test is slightly different from other test in that it does not involve an individual only but also involves a chain of individuals in that it is more of family and blood related issues. Family issues are sensitive and there fore when a genetic state is being done the information got after results are taken should be handled with great care to avoid issues of abuse of the information. For instance if a doctor ends up exposing the results to quarters not involved then it becomes misuse also using those results for other purposes other than the main reasons for undertaking the test then it becomes abuse. Another type of abuse of genetics information is the stigmatization of a particular group or family based on their genes. To avoid such cases then there should be measures, codes and ethics put in place to govern the whole issue of genetic tests and therefore anyone who is found using genetic test information in an relevant manner is then found to have breached or made an offense hence, strict measures are taken to deal with the individual.



Genetics test is a test undertaken to identify genes, various changes in the genes and the various development in the same. When one decides to undertake a gene test there are several factors that one may one want to consider. For instance reason as to why they are settling for a gene test, and how are they ready for the results of that particular test and preferably how are they planning to manage or handle the outcome of the gene test results if they are positive or negative as per the results.