“IMC Campaign, Part I: Initial Proposal”

“IMC Campaign, Part I: Initial Proposal”
For this assignment, you select either your organization or one with which you are
familiar. Imagine that you have been tasked with marketing one of the existing products
or services of the organization. Draft an IMC campaign proposal to present to your
To provide practice and the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities in the following
• Target markets
• Communication and decision-making processes
• Cultural nuances
• Objectives (SMART)
• Estimated budget

Guidance and Expectations for Assignment
Type of Assignment: Paper
Length: 2,500 words
Using the following resources
• Belch, G., & Belch, M. (2014). Advertising & promotion: An integrated marketing
communications perspective (Global ed., 10th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill.
• In addition, feel free to use other Learning Resources from Modules 1 and 2 that
you find relevant.
Write a report in which you address the following:
• Target markets: Select only one or two of the organization’s specific target
markets. Explain your choice of audience including why it is the best fit for
the campaign.
• Communication and decision-making processes
• Cultural nuances
• Objectives (DAGMAR or SMART)
• Estimated budget
Course: Integrated Marketing Communications
This report should be structured as follows:
These notes are intended to be used for guidance with your assignments to allow you to
see what we are working toward for your final hand in assignment. Below is an
example of structure and what you might include for a full IMC campaign plan
(expected for Hand-In Assignment 2). Please be aware that there are other structures
you can pursue but this can help you contextualize the elements that are expected to be
included in each part and give you a starting point.
Executive Summary
The executive summary always precedes the body of the integrated marketing
communications plan and introduces the plan by providing a brief, 1-page summary of
the main conclusions in the report. This should come before the contents and is not
included in the word count.
Context and Background
The background part briefly describes your company’s history and gives a description of
the product or service you will be marketing. Include features, structure, and other
components of the product or service that are important to the marketing plan. You
should not write too much on this part and can include 2 pages as an Appendix if there
is any further information you want to provide on your organization.
Situational Analysis (External, internal factors, competition)
Here, examine some of the factors relevant to your organization and how they will
impact the IMC campaign planning
IMC Plan and Target Market Specifications
Describe your target market, including its demographics as well as the product or
service’s benefits to the target market, and how the target market currently perceive the
company. Be thorough and clear, as the better you understand your target market, the
more effectively you can tailor your marketing campaign to it.
IMC Objectives
Remember to make these specific, measurable and attainable for your selected market
with reference to identifiable outcomes.
Projected Promotional Budget Needed Allocate a budget for each aspect of your
marketing strategy. Determine which department in the company will take care of each
aspect, or whether you will outsource part, or all, of your marketing plan.