Fire and Emergency service research proposal

APA formatted research project, explaining the APPLICATION OF FIRE RESEARCH, as it relates to FIRE & EMERGENCY SERVICE

A minimum of FIVE (5) references must be utilized and all of the reference citations SHALL be placed within the project. The research project SHALL include an APA formatted cover page, an introduction page, a background and significance page, a Literature review page, a conclusions page, and a reference page.
All sources used must be referenced, paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.
Failure to meet the APA format and content guidelines will result in a reduction in grade.

Step 1: Preliminary Information Gathering and Website Review
Conduct a preliminary review of current research in a chosen fire-related topic and evaluate and discuss sources from which information on fire research is available.
Step 2: Formulate Your Research Problem/Develop a Preliminary Outline
Define a research problem and develop a preliminary research proposal outline.
Step 3: The Literature Review
Conduct a literature review related to a fire research problem.
Step 4: Research Design and Data Gathering Techniques
Design a research project within a fire research subfield, and establish techniques for data gathering and analysis.
Step 5 (Final Step): Research Proposal Checklist and Submission Instructions for the Research Proposal
Length: 8 to 10 pages, not including title page;
Margins: 1 inch per side;
Must be submitted in MS Word
double space normal text, but single space tables and reference lists;

Font: Arial 12 point
Content sections: At least the following sections must be included, although your titles may vary to fit your research design

1. Establishment of the research problem or research question;
2. Literature review;
3. Hypothesis, if it is a causal or correlation study; for other types of research designs, you only need to establish your research objectives;
4. Research design, with a brief description, following the guidelines provided in Step 2;
5. Data gathering procedures, with example of instrument(s) if possible;
6. If you use statistics, describe what statistical procedures you will use and for what; and
7. References, listed in alphabetical order.

Written in future tense, and impersonal; as if the study would be performed by the researcher after approval of the proposal
References: at least 5 references cited in text.