Stress in the Nursing Profession

PART A. The first part of the paper should clearly define the global health problem, and discuss why it is important for nursing (why you have chosen this topic to write about). Also discuss how this problem is viewed in the United States and then how it is viewed in at least one other country. For example, if you discuss elevated blood pressure in adults, you may discuss guidelines for defining hypertension in the United States (reference the article where the guidelines came from, using APA format). Then find an article from another country and discuss how hypertension is described in that country (reference the article using APA format).

PART B. The second part of the paper is a review of four research study articles that have been published on your topic. This part of the paper will inform the reader about what is known about this problem in the United States population and in at least one other country of the world. For example, in the topic of hypertension, you may choose four research study articles done by nurse researchers that looked at such issues as interventions to improve medication adherence, or adherence to a prescribed diet, or the effect of an exercise intervention in reducing elevated blood pressure. Set up your paper using the following format: Use the heading Part B for this section.
Then use the subheading Study #1. Type the study name, author(s), year of publication, journal and pages, using APA format (same format as will be used on your reference page). Then answer the following 4 questions in a paragraph. Each question will be answered as a sentence in the paragraph: 1. What was the purpose of the study?
2. Was this a qualitative or quantitative study?
3. What was the study sample?
4. What were the study findings?
(Remember to always use past tense when discussing the studies. Next use the subheading Study #2. As in Study #1, write out the study name, author(s), etc., using APA format. Then again answer the following 4 questions in a paragraph. Next use the subheading Study #3. As above, write out the study name and author(s), etc., using APA format. As instructed for Studies 1 and 2, answer the 4 questions as sentences in a paragraph. Lastly, repeat the above instructions for Study #4. At least one study must be from a country other than the United States.

PART C. Summarize the findings from the research articles (what has been found in the research). Describe the recommendations from the study articles for further studies that can be done to explore the problem. Include a title page with a running head, an abstract page, the narrative text (no more than 8 pages), and a reference page.

SCORING FOR PAPER Uses APA format for paper setup and APA format for references cited in the text and in the reference list: 10%;
Uses appropriate grammar and spelling; ideas are clearly articulated, using appropriate sentence structure: 10%
Completes PART A as described: 20%;
Completes PART B as described: 40%
Completes PART C as described: 20%





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