Social Work Practice with Families

Social Work Practice with Families

Order type: Research Paper
This order which integrates theoretical and empirical knowledge and applies it to
social work practice with a family. Using the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding
starting from the family dynamics in the beginning write about the family.

Please include the following:

• Briefly summarize the family composition in terms of demographic factors
(age, gender, race/ethnicity, etc.)
• Briefly describe the types of problems that family members evidence (or
present with)
• Briefly describe the strengths that the family presents with
• If assessing a family at an agency, briefly describe the type of agency or
institution that is sponsoring the family intervention and how agency policy may
help or hinder family intervention (movie critiquers may omit this).
• Assess the external as well as internal family environment, including
family resources, boundaries, structure and communication. Include an ecomap and
internal structural mapping (sometimes referred to as a genogram, but this is
intended to reflect the household, not the historical lineage outside the
household) as an appendices to your paper.
• Perform an Evidence-Based Practice literature search for the areas of
family intervention that you will propose. State the question(s) you developed for
searching, and briefly describe your search procedure and your findings.

• Delineate with specificity the actual intervention procedures that have
been used (or are proposed to be used) to attempt change in the family system (for
those writing about actual families) OR propose a detailed intervention strategy
with specific proposed techniques for movie families. Describe how these have
worked, or how you imagine they might if you are writing about a film family
• Give a theoretical rationale underlying the type of intervention (why
should this type of family intervention be helpful?)
• Discuss actual or imagined issues of engagement or joining
• Describe the process and progress (or lack of it!) for real families and
the anticipated process or progress for film families.