Research Methodologies

Revise/Add document: Research Methodologies – Cyber Secuirty

Order type: Research Paper


You need to perform the following:

1. Analysis Design (Done by me)
2. Input randomize data based on the design and use one/two of the analysis method to analyse data
3. document the data and make some points to refer to Cyber Security
4. A analysis report with bar/pie chart with conclusion.

For detailed please see below

Detailed information:

2. use the following statistical analysis method to analyse the data collected:

(a) Descriptive Statistics
(b) Hypothesis Testing (t test and Z – test)
(c) Confidence Interval
(d) Correlation Analysis
(e) Regression Analysis

Include any other analysis that is necessary.

3. analyse the data and document all findings to provide discussions or inferences, which are relevant to the general interest of users or enterprises in order to make important decisions to address the level of security need brought about by organisation adopting cyber risk management strategy in their business practices.

4. The analysis report must include the following:

(a) Interpretation of results that may be presented using:

(i) Descriptive statistics of the given data set – wherever applicable
(ii) Cross tabulation of data – wherever applicable
(ii) Bar diagram, Pie charts and regression line – wherever applicable
(iv) Time series analysis of the given data

(b) Working, steps and procedures to derive the results

(c) Conclusion based on results obtained

(d) Any relevant discussion on the findings, which should be referenced. The entire report should be written using Harvard Referencing.