Positive and Negative Effects of Body Exercise

It’s a Major paper, that should be 7 pages long NOT including the proposal, summary and work cited page, that mainly speaks about The Effect of Exercising on People’s Bodies and how obese people have started to exercise to loose weight. Also it should talk about the positive outcomes of exercising and how it helps the body in many ways. However, i would also like a contrast on this and talk about how sometimes exercising won’t make a person thin. I would also like you to talk about the gym and how the gym helps people to loose weight. I would like you to create a10 question survey that deals with questions about the gym. You may make up the answers however; i need you to include the results in one of the paragraphs in the paper. I would like you then to send me the 10 questions in a separate document. I will provide you with 4 articles that should cover the obesity part and you should use at least 3 of them. But for the main topic of The Effect of Exercising on People’s Bodies, you should find at least 3 articles from the internet and/or newspapers and the sources you find should be scanned and highlighted for me please so no complications happen. I would also like you to use 2 sources that i have found and include them in the paper and they are:
Also please source everything and in the end of each sentence that is sourced should have ( author last name, page number and paragraph number). There should be at least 3 in text citations per paragraph and 7 per page. Please highlight the thesis in the paper so that it would be clear to me. Extra: Also I need a proposal that is no more than 25-50 word long stating the Topic: the proposed topic and Thesis: the topic and what you want to say about it. Also please write me a 1-2 paragraph summary at the end summing everything together. Also have a proper MLA formatted work cited page at the end. Please don’t forget to highlight and scan all the sources you used.




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