Negative Temperature Coefficients

Negative Temperature Coefficients (NTC)

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Many types of sensors have a nonlinear response. This limits both the range and accuracy of measurement. Analogue circuits can be used to compensate for the nonlinearity of the sensor. These circuits can be complex and inadequate to cope in many situations. There are a number of software techniques that can be used to compensate, more effectively, for the nonlinearities of sensors. These can rely on developing an accurate model for the sensor.

Explore different software based techniques to compensate for the nonlinearities of a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) resistor sensor and select one appropriate technique and justify the choice. A good literature review is required. Demonstrate the solutions using LabView and/or Matlab by fully building a hardware prototype which incorporates an NTC temperature sensor. You are required to evaluate, in detail, the improved accuracy of the sensor.