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Meeting of Consultation of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the OAS – 2020

About the Meetings of Consultation: “The Meeting of Consultation of Ministers of Foreign Affairs held in order to consider problems of an urgent nature and of common interest to the American States, and to serve as Organ of Consultation. In case of an armed attack on the territory of an American State, the Chairman of the Permanent Council promptly meet to determine the convening of the Meeting of Consultation “. This simulation will take place in 2020 and will seek an urgent crisis in the Brazilian cerrado.
Crisis in the Brazilian cerrado

“The year is 2020. The company “North Energy” Brazil has just completed its project in Belo Monte hydroelectric. This dam is the third largest in the world and provides 10% of Brazil’s energy. The project, which began in June 2012, attracted 25,000 people to order, Belo Monte. Despite the flow of temporary employment, Brazil is now the dilemma of employing these 25,000 workers whose contract has ended. Many have begun to migrate to more urban areas in search of work, including neighboring countries such as Venezuela and Colombia but also economically stable countries such as Chile and the United States. These unemployed are added to the 16,000 displaced indigenous Belo Monte river drought that caused the new dam. The Brazilian government, prepared for these shifts has already launched some urban projects such as subsidized housing and a monthly bonus to both people who worked with North Energy project to indigenous people affected by environmental changes.

But what I did not predict was that the Brazilian government drought river would facilitate an epidemic outbreak of deadly flu scientists have named black. Because of the strong migration to the region, found black flu cases in the border with Guyana and Colombia. The OAS has declared a state of emergency and called a meeting of foreign ministers because of Brazilian migration to other Latin American countries continue despite a vaccine for the virus has not been found. Several countries have responded to the alert, restricting flights from Brazil. The work of the foreign ministers will not be easy, they will have to act quickly and effectively to find a solution to this epidemic that takes more lives each day”.