Important Achievement in Public Health

Important Achievement in Public Health

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M9 Final Paper Instructions

The final paper and presentation for this course is a discussion of the topic
chosen as the most important achievement in public health, using the Pfizer
publication ?Milestones in Public Health? and the CDC publication ?The 10 Greatest
Achievements in Public Health ? United States, 1900-1999? as the basis.
As a method of substantiating the claim, discuss and apply one of the five primary
disciplines of public health as the basis of its importance. For example, the topic
might be a great accomplishment in epidemiology, the use of statistics and data, or
a great example of health promotion. Provide supporting evidence from at least
eight other evidence-based articles or reports. Discuss the role public health and
the medical care system played in achieving this landmark improvement in public

paper will consist of two major parts:

1) providing information about the history of the topic and why it represents such
a great accomplishment, and
2) discussion of the current efforts and activities related to the topic.