Genetically Modified Organisms

Topic: Genetically Modified Organisms

Order type: Research Paper
Subject: History

the following Required Elements based on Genetically Modified Organisms:
• A brief description of the technology and an explanation of the associated science (thesis)
• Economic questions and considerations (outline)
• The technology in its cultural context, media influence (outline)

1.) This paper should include a thesis statement.

Thesis Statement:
The outline assignment should begin with a thesis statement. This thesis sentence presents the central idea of the paper. It must always be a complete, grammatical sentence, specific and brief, which expresses the point of view you are taking towards the subject. The thesis will be an expository statement. Expository statements are explanatory, rather than being analytical. They explain the subject matter in short and in a very simple manner.

2.) This paper should also include a detailed outline.

In the outline, each heading and subheading is given in single words or brief phrases. To subdivide a heading into subheadings, there must be at least two subsections. Use numbers and letters to indicate the level of your headings, for example:
I. Description of the Technology
a. Science that drove the technology
b. Applications of the technology
II. History of the Technology
a. A brief timeline
b. An analysis of social factors that drove the technology

Be consistent with your choice of phrases, making sure they are grammatically parallel (where possible).

Economic Issues: Consider production, consumption, costs, variables of supply-demand, corporations, private enterprise, impact on the nation’s economy (employment, displacement, outsourcing). Are certain industries impacted more than others? Look up financial projections—expectations for growth, startup companies, the stock exchange, etc.—anything related to business and the U.S. and global economy. Who are the chief players in the business environment, and what is their role? How much has been invested in research and development? How will the price fluctuate? What economic trends are to be observed? Who will make money from the technology? Who is funding the research and development? Who controls the purse strings, and why? Look at foundations and charitable organizations, the outcomes and the nature of consumers. Be sure to use charts and tables and quantitative data in this section. Tables, figures, and data and statistics must be current, valid and used appropriately.

Cultural Considerations: This is a really important section. Consider the elements that comprise the culture and subcultures. Compare the United States use of the technology with that of other nations around the world. What is about Americans that brings about innovation, or has America declined in terms of technical innovation, scientific research and development? Look at advertising for the technology, the use of celebrities or stars or heroes, the applications (e.g. sports and nanotechnology) and the values represented by the culture. What has priority and why? An example: IBM was spelled out in xenon atoms. Why were these letters chosen instead of something else?