Decadence and Decay: Visual Culture of the Weimar Republic, 1919-1933 Research Paper

The visual culture of the Weimar Republic vitally inspired many threads of European Modernism through its vibrant and nuanced engagement with new systems of urbanity. Sociopolitical, economic, and sexual roles are just a few of the modes of change affected by Weimar Modernism in the broader context of the European stage. Feminism, political engagement, and aesthetic theories in Europe and the UK were crucially influenced by visualities and discourses to emerge from the glitter and grit of the Metropolis in Germany.
In the first component of the assignment, students will build on their visual analysis by choosing additional works of art/design for comparison and write a research paper. The second component of this assignment is to engage in a studio project relating the student’s visual analysis research and one societal theme discussed in class (sociopolitical, economic, etc.). This studio project can be a theoretical visualization, a collection, a product design, etc. This assignment is intended to contextualize the visual analysis, and to engage with studio practice from a historically inspired perspective. The paper should be 6 pages in length, double ­spaced, using 12­ point Times New Roman font. Use the Chicago style for citations and bibliography. Students need at least six sources. You must limit your use of Internet sources, and you must include: a. At least one academic journal article; b. At least two books (one of your books must be an academic text, published by a university press); c. Primary sources (actual period documents and/or objects); and d. Secondary sources (writings about your topic by critics, historians, and theorists).

The first part of this research paper, I am going to analysis my favorite art works “senecio” and “Cat and Bird” by Paul Klee. I will also do an comparison research paper on two artworks. The second part, I am going to talk about my own design which is a poster. The poster is inspired by Bauhaus design, and I will compare the work I did and Paul Klee did. However, Both works are showing modernism and functionalism.( I will upload the pictures )
For this research paper, I choose working on Bauhaus design. i had done thesis statement. Please do a research paper based on my thesis statement and use ***Chicago manual style footnotes and citation !!!l