Changing education paradigms: introducing creativity to classrooms

Order type: Research Paper

The topic is inspired by the following documentary:


A standard research paper debating outdated schooling methods, and how it has striped students of their free thinking innovative capabilities.

Due to the subject matter being discussed in this research, i feel it is mpre appropriate to use documentaries, lectures, and videos as references rather than the traditional kind. (Books and articles are still okay though)

The methodology used to conduct this research will be as following; finding unorthodox schooling systems that use a more integrated school curriculum. Systems where the arts are set at the same status as the academic disciplines, then study its pros and cons. As well as comparing and contrasting with the conventional globally recognized, outdated schooling systems.
Another factor in the research will be to study the alumni of said schools and examine and interview how they feel their unconventional personalized methods of schooling affected them in the long term, how it has aided them, and how it has set them back.