An Experiential Approach to Organization Development


Kmart and Sears Marriage – Research Paper

Textbook: An Experiential Approach to Organization Development 8th Ed. Donald R. Brown.

1. Research paper. As noted in a syllabus, a research paper is required for this upper level university course.Select and post in “Topic Paper” under “Course Home” the subject research paper. The subject should include an organization that you are associated with and have identified a problem that lends itself to resolution using organization development and change techniques. Keep in mind, through your research, you are developing a managed change plan and the objective of the research does not have to be implemented.

2. Topic. Use our text as a guide in your research.

Major areas of the Research Paper will include: (1) introduction, (2) body, (3) conclusion, and (4) references.

Sub topics for the body of the research paper should include: (a) anticipated the need to change, problem and area for improvement(b) impact of the organization’s culture, (c) client and practitioner considerations, (d) diagnostic process and data collection, (e) overcoming resistance to change, (f) institutionalization action plan and timelines, (g) action plans, strategies, and techniques, and (h) specific intervention analysis.
All papers should include citations or quotes from some organizational members, even if informally. Senior members or officials are better than junior ones. Ensure the personal quotes are cited and listed on the reference page.

In your conclusion, restate or highlight a potential OD intervention that may be beneficial in resolving the organizational problem. An overview of OD interventions are listed chapter 7, An Experiential Approach to Organizational Development.

A research paper conducted on a contemporary organization will buttress your knowledge about development and change.

3. Action & due dates. The due date for the research paper is midnight, Sunday, Week 7. It should be dropboxed as a Microsoft Word attachment.

4. Style and Form. Please use Microsoft WORD for composing your research paper. The research paper should be at least ten pages long, not including the cover page and reference page. There is no deduction for research papers that exceed the minimum. A template is provided in “Doc Sharing” tab above between “Chat” and “Dropbox”; please ensure you use it, to include the detailed table of contents. The template conforms to APA style with some developer preferences.

An excellent site for APA format information is:

5. References. The paper should give adequate credit where due. Please ensure references are used and properly cited in APA format. References that are listed on the reference page, should all be cited in the introduction, body, or conclusion of the paper.