Lab report

A lab report presents the findings of a paper that you have studied. It is a common paper in the sciences where you are required to step into a laboratory and justify the information you have on a certain subject. The report that you will compile at the end of the exercise will be a testimony to the applicability of what you were studying.

A lab report can come in various formats depending on the subject and the specification of the course lecturer. However, there are certain features of a lab report that are common to almost all the lab reports. A good lab report will begin with a descriptive title that immediately tells the reader what is contained in the paper. This is followed by a brief note on the experiment, stating what the aim of the experiment is and how the writer of the paper intends to achieve it.

The most important part of any lab report is perhaps the results and findings page. The whole paper revolves around how the results will be processed, analyzed and conclusions drawn from them. It is necessary to ensure that the results are presented in a manner that is easy to interpret. Granted, you will be expounding on the results when you start discussing them but still, the reader has to be able to make their own interpretations even before they read yours.

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