Global business environment

this is a short report you are preparing for the CEO of your company. Be clear, concise, and direct. Include enough detail to demonstrate what you learned about your topic area
We are most interested in the quality of your thinking, your ability to research a topic, and ability to express yourself in writing
The purpose of this learning experience is to encourage you to learn more about a specific topic, demonstrate your global business acumen, communicate this information, and have fun in the process
Cover the following areas in your paper

Reasons for selecting this topic
Based upon your research, what new things did you learn about this topic
Share the three (3) most unexpected facts you learned about this topic
Discuss any controversial issues related to your topic
Write a conclusion – forecast five (5) years into the future and give your predictions about what items will affect your topic area and what your topic area will look like
List the sources you used for your research.