Weekly Summary

Weekly Summary
End-of-week summary (500-750 words) to be submitted:
From the textbook: Discovering the Bible: Story and Faith of the Biblical Communities.
This week’s reading: (Pages 283-365) (Chapters 20-25)
For (part 1), the first line of your summary should say: “All posts read.”
In addition to your own reflections on the week (part 2), your summary must include a question and your answer to it from one of the question lists on either the first or last pages of one of the chapters (Pages 283-365) (Chapters 20-25) (part 3). Do only one question each week. Do not choose one from each chapter.
Use APA format.
Here are some “starter” questions:
•What information or insights from this week do I think (and hope) will stick with me forever? (Giving specific textbook pages will help your classmates who wish to write a response to something you have written).
•What (if anything) from this week’s study did I talk about with friends and family?
•This week, what have I been moved to do, or choose, or act on?
Optional: Do you have a specific question about this week’s material that remains unanswered? If so, state that question.
Grading rubric
1.Was the summary/reflection posted between Friday evening and Sunday evening in the week in which it was due?
2.Does it meet the length requirement?
3.Is there a clear “All posts read” affirmation?
4.Was there a beginning-of-the-chapter OR an end-of-the-chapter question clearly stated and a response given?
5.Is it college-level writing?
6.Is APA format followed?